*Артист: Sickcunt
*Альбом: Kicoz
*Год: 2009
*Стиль: Goregrind
*Страна: Russian Federation
*Формат: mp3@CBR320kbps

01.Redistribution Of Roles
02.Street Cognac
03.Temporarily Ambitious Character
05.Air Is Binded With Frozen Metal
06.Commander Fucked By The Mouse
07.The French Chanson
08.Seth Putnam Is Gay!
09.Lilac Alley
10.Sequence Of Bones In The Body
11.Excessive Cad And Ignoramus
12.What Promised Is Never Retutrned Back
13.Coma Attack
14.I Dont Belive In Buddha!
15.Silicone Heaven In Tatarstan
16.Whores Are Everywhere! I'm In USA!
17.Useless Part. Tramp - Amputat
18.Ship Is Sinking,I'm The Captain!
19.Brown Noise
20.Division Of Space Along The Vertical Line
22.Blood On Me! But Whose
23.Approaching Of Storm
24.Who Of Them Is Woman
25.Tourette's Syndrome
26.Don't Tire! Shoot!!!
27.Never Break Character!
28.Went Home From The Funeral And Drunk More
29.A Rescue Was Failed
30.Defenestration (Cryptopsy cover)
31.Who Needs A Mouth More
32.Mummy Is In Trance
33.Brothel For Patriots!
34.Old House On The Old Post Card
35.A Little Role Is Impracticable
37.Warm Breeze Of Early Fall
Полное время альбома: 25:13

Теги: Goregrind, rus