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Anal Cunt [Noisegrind, Grindcore]

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Anal Cunt is a band from Newton, Massachusetts that has been categorized as noise, hardcore, grindcore, and shock rock, as their style has changed much since their original formation. They are often referred to by their initials A.C. (often written as AxCx) due to the offensive nature of their name and censorship limits on some radio and publications, and many of their album covers simply display the initials A.C. However, the band has managed to subvert even this abbreviation by drawing these letters in a manner resembling an anus and a vulva. Their early material contained no written lyrics, but their later work is lyrically very offensive to many (although tongue-in-cheek and often misinterpreted, much like Steve Albini's Big Black project or GWAR). Anal Cunt's lyrical subject matter predominantly includes homophobia, misogyny, anti-semitism, insensitivity to rape victims and misanthropy in general.

Also known as AxCx
Origin Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Genre(s) Noisegrind, Hardcore punk, Grindcore
Years active 1988–present
Label(s) Relapse Records, Earache Records, Menace to Sobriety Records

Current members
Seth Putnam: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (1988–Present)
Josh Martin: Guitar (1996–2003, 2006–Present)
Nate Linehan: Drums (1996-1999, 2003-2004, 2006-Present)


1989 - 5643 Song EP

5643 Song EP is a vinyl 7" by the band Anal Cunt, recorded and released in 1989. It holds the unofficial world record for having the most amount of songs on an EP, although nobody can be sure what the exact number is

http://yadi.sk/public/?hash=sdzwLmgh6Z6 … 6GxMHpgb0=

Теги: Noisegrind, Grindcore, usa



Альбом: 110 Song
Год: 2009
Стиль: Grindcore-Noisegrind
Страна: USA
Качество: VBR

01-110 Song (21:24)



Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Grindcore » Anal Cunt [Noisegrind, Grindcore]

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