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Sunday Munich [Trip hop, usa]

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Sunday Munich, band formed by Sarah Hubbard-vocals and lyrics, and Avis/ Menton J. Matthews III -cello, piano, guitar, loops, programming.
Their music is and amalgamation of many different kinds of music. It is ethereal but not so gossamer that it floats away. It is grounded and raw with pain and emotion.
Scratchly old record loops, heart wrenching vocals, creeping fear is part of sunday munichs music

the first album they do is called “PNEUMA” this album is a representation of situations in your life in which you take all the hatred and despair the world has dumped on you, all the puts-down and lies, the violated childhood memories and demoilished hopes of a loving-couple happy ending, and then to take it all in your hands and tear it apart into ugly red blots and jagged shards into their ugly smug faces, twisted and dark with your righteous anger, but turned beautiful now, too, by your own art??
Sarah sings, Avis constructs an alternately hypnotic and fiercely chaotic musical setting arround her, starting with cello, and keyboard, then jumping from gentle guitar to duepowering dub beats from thobbing bass to buzzing static. heavy on the electronics, but also on human emotion…

Their album PNEUMA, merges gothic female vocals, at times like the cranes, and other times deeper and more articulated, with Portishead instrumentation, like the heavenly grooves samplers.

Their second release “VINCULUM” is a more lightly album.



1    Dent   3:05  1
2    Going Back   4:11 
3    Bed   4:04 
4    Think   3:58 
5    Phone   5:44   
6    Feeling Here   4:45
7    Her Name   5:27   
8    Aparent   3:29   
9    Kept   3:51   
10    Cell   3:36 
11    Scathed   3:50 
12    Flu   5:12   
13    Expose   5:11   
14    Eleven Toes   5:31 
15    Charisma   4:33   
16    Wish You Were Here   3:48   

Крутой альбом от тех же чуваков, которые чуть позже создали проект Saltillo и записали потрясающий альбом Ganglion

http://vk.com/doc6731409_304239153?hash … d2d73a2868

Теги: Trip hop



Emphasizing the gothic element and downplaying the dance element on Vinculum (Precipice, 2000) did not benefit the project. The album is a 16-track monster, but few tracks are as memorable as Prozac, even if vocalist Sarah Hubbard's phrasing has improved and the production is slicker. Once you heard opening track Dent, you heard half the album. Sure: the instrumental Phone is wrapped in choir samples and haunting guitar tones, Her Name lets the voice float in a distorted psychedelic space, and Feeling Here (almost a leftover from the first album) has a harder edge. But too many tracks use similar rhythms and similar melodies, whereas variety was the first album's main weapon. Somehow the emotional tension of the first album is gone. The second half of the album restores some of the magic with Cell, a delicate madrigal sung through a filter and accompanied only by guitar, and Flu, a slower number that returns to the cello-piano interplay of the first album. A shorter album without the filler would have probably better served the cause of Sunday Munich.



простенько и со вкусом
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Спасибо! Приятненький чистый трип-хоп!


Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Downtempo » Sunday Munich [Trip hop, usa]

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