Extize began 2007 as one man project with Cyb3rella, one year later came Cyb3rSlut at the drums, Cyb3rc0re for the sampling and Ionic Matrix at the keyboards. Their sound is a mix between several styles like industrial, trance and hellectro. Extize is a pill which allows you to penetrate in our world of grotesque and neon lights!!!

( от себя ):

Не чего особенного опять какие то однополые существа в масках на фоне биохазарда. Кроме ремикса Nachtmahr-а не че не понравилось.  Ни чего не обычного, стандартненько. Для ознакомление скачать можно.


Label: Trisol
Format: CD, EP
Country: Germany
Style: Industrial, Electro, Trance

01. Hellektrostar 04:14
02. 100% Pure Cocaine 04:20
03. Red Water (Rusted Land Edit) 04:23
04. Hellektrostar (Reaper RMX) 05:21
05. Hellektrostar (Studio-X RMX) 05:18
06. 100% Pure Cocaine (Nachtmahr RMX) 04:23
Total Time: 27:59 min

http://myzuka.club/Album/221139/Extize- … ostar-2009

Теги: industrial, dark electro, ebm, deu